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Re: building own RPMs

--- Michael Schwendt <fedora wir-sind-cool org> wrote:
> Well, consider the possibility that I used the
> $(foo) command
> substitution notation deliberately. That decision is
> not due to
> personal preference alone, but it's based on the
> long-time experience
> that it's rather newbie-safe and avoids read errors
> and type
> errors. Depending on what font [or font size] the
> reader of my message
> uses, the difference between a single quote
> character and the
> backquote may not be obvious for everyone.

Thanks for the tip. I never really thought about newer
users and font sizes affecting the readability of the
commands. I guess it's been quite awhile since I've
had to think of things like that. Thanks for giving me
a new perspective when helping newbies. :)

> Btw, I should have typed
>   $ which fedora-buildrpmtree
>   /usr/bin/fedora-buildrpmtree
>   $ rpm --query --file $(which fedora-buildrpmtree)
>   fedora-rpmdevtools-0.2.0-1
> for increased readability and to save even less
> space. ;)

You're right though, that really does seem like it
would help show a newbie how it works rather than just
giving the answer.

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