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Re: soundcard access


Max Kanat-Alexander <max_list fedorafaq org> wrote:

> 	I think that KT133A is your problem. I have a KT133, and they have
> 	a famous interrupt problem. That is, at least with my M-Audio Delta 44,
> unless I set the PCI Latency to 0 and turn off PCI Delayed Transaction
> in the BIOS, I get crackle, crackle, crackle.

Can these parameters be set from a running system in some way, or must this
be done on powerup/reset?

> 	And sometimes, even if I do all that, I still get the crackle. 

Yes, I had that too, with my SB16 (ISA! Yay!) under Win2k (and Linux), if
the card was using 16bit DMA. 8bit DMA fixed that.

The current card is an "Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI" (Soundblaster 128 or
something like that), and it worked just fine with win2k (while I had
that), and with Linux, too, as long as the OSS drivers were used. ALSA
inevitably starts to crackle after a while.

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