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Re: Fedora Core 4

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:09:11 +0100, Ralf Ertzinger
> <fedora-devel camperquake de> wrote:
> > And just for the record: I read what it is trying to do before committing,
> > and I know that downgrading or suspicious removal usually means that there
> > is a bug somewhere.
> I'm not concerned about people like you or I... people who could be
> considered technically proficient and who have experience
> troubleshooting problems that are the result of packaging errors. I am
> very concerned about what happens if/when novice users begin to use
> smart as their primary tool. I admit that for advanced users who
> understand when something is 'suspicious' this approach can be very
> powerful... but for the 90% of the userbase who don't have a good
> grasp as to when something is suspicious and when it is not.. this can
> lead to problems.  Especially if the advanced users using the same
> tool.. aren't being encourage to file bugs. The best way to encourage
> the filing of bugs is to stop execution and throw an error message.

I bet you will get more rants than bug reports. Especially if important 
security fixes are in the pipeline and they are not installed because of a 
single unrelated problem.

I wouldn't want to expose my family to packaging problems.

> There is a better way in my head, involving keeping up with 'channel
> policies' instead of 'priorities'.. i just have to find the words and
> the time to articulate it. A way that allows smart to do exactly what
> it does now when it needs to deal with overlapping addon repos when
> you want to install something new... but flags reportable problems
> when a channel or group of channels aren't self-consistent when they
> should be.

Smart has this, look in smart-gui at:

	Edit > Check All Packages

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