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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

Hi jef,

I'll try to look at this comps.xml file.  Can you provide any extra
info or tips regarding this ?

The "problem" that I find is that there are so many inter dependencies
between packages that I found really hard.

The other day after a 'minimum'install I created a list with rpm -a
and tried to remove unecesseary packages by hand.

I gave up after a lot atempts to remove packages that I don't use but
are necessary for others that I do :(

Since I am newbie at this forgive any naive (ok stupid) remarks, but
would be great to have more packages like php suite where I can select
the features that I need (php-mysql etc) without having to install the
kitchen sink...

- mb

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:12:18 -0500, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:

> What is installed in a minimal install is controlled to a great extent
> by the comps.xml file that defines the groupings of packages. A
> community of interested users  could easily play with rearranging the
> comps.xml file and produce an alternative minimal install to test and
> refine. Its not difficult to recreate installable iso images that use
> a different comps.xml file.    The fact is making minimal more minimal
> is a low priority issue for the current developers. Developers have
> finite time and you can't blame them for having a set or priorities.
> But this issue is something willing and motivated community could hack
> at and experiment with in parallel while Core development continues.
> Once the community has a comps.xml that impliments a smaller minimal
> install without impacting the desktop or workstation install types...
> it could be presented for review and consideration.  But its going to
> take non-zero work from people who is motivated to making the minimal
> install smaller.   The sooner people in the community who are
> interestied start poking at editing the comps.xml file anaconda
> uses... the sooner interested people can test the changes.
> Some people in the community have been focusing on creating a smaller
> minimal install by using externally defined kickstart files. But if
> you want anaconda's native 'minimal' install to be smaller.. people
> will have to start poking at the comps.xml file anaconda uses to see
> if things can be reorganized.
> -jef

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