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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

Rex Dieter wrote:
On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Stuart Children wrote:

I see Core as "packages managed mainly by RedHat employees and essential to a base [desktop|server] system" (latter is horribly subjective I know), and Extras as "packages mainly packaged by non-RedHat employees", with the extra requirement that no package in Core should depend on a package in Extras. Both are parts of the overall distribution, but Core simply has stricter QC and inclusion requirements.

(Ironic or not) since Fedora Extras (at least the fedora.us incarnation) actually has QA *before* packages are published, IMO, their packaging quality is at least as good or better than many of those in Core.

Yes, fair point. I certainly did not intend to mark Extras as of poorer quality (nor diminish all the hard work people have done at fedora.us). Clearly all packagers should strive to create packages of the highest quality - whichever repository they happen to be a part of.

My emphasis was more on who has control over packaging decisions. For Core, that's Red Hat employees - for Extras it's the individual package owner. Hopefully both would be working to the same guidelines/rules that the Fedora community has agreed upon. I don't think it has to be like that - I'm just making suggestions to try and help form definitions of Core and Extras.


Stuart Children

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