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Re: Packet Inspection


Sorry I didn't got all replays to My email. Yes I ment "package inspection". Sorry this was a mispelling in the heat of the work.
Does somebody know anything about this "TCP/IP Package inspection?" I really depend on a such function.

Many thanks.


Kenneth Porter schrieb:

--On Tuesday, January 25, 2005 8:59 AM -0800 Remco Treffkorn <remco rvt com> wrote:

Very observant. Both 'package'  and 'packet' translate into German as

Aha. Never thought about the etymology before. Here's the entries for the two at my favorite dictionary site:



So "package" is something that has been packed, and "packet" is a small package. Does German have something like the English (or is it French?) "ette" suffix for creating diminutives from other words?

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