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Re: No more right click terminal

Le mercredi 13 juillet 2005 à 13:06 -0700, Shahms King a écrit :
> Your argument is specious at best and your analogy
> faulty.  If you don't like the general trend of simplifying the user
> interface, that's one thing, but it's definitely not a GNOME-only trend
> and certainly isn't going to stop.

The problem is that a lot of it is not simplifying because there's a
problem but simplifying for the sake of simplifying.

What's specious the way all those changes are never backed by real user
studies but by "we think best" and "you're not the user we want"
arguments. I (and probably others) would not mind it as much if
simplifier proponents spent their energy explaining with real use-cases
why their changes are good instead of devoting their energies to
convince their users they are retards that can not understand what's
good for them.

"Simplicity" by itself is not an argument. Just like "Europe" is a bit
short if you want to pass several hundred binding law articles.

Nicolas Mailhot

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