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Re: No more right click terminal

On 7/14/05, Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com> wrote:
> Of course, you can argue till the cows come home that this is fedora,
> and 'take this to other lists', but that is just a way to shut people
> up. You can argue like that about *anything*, what is then the point of
> this list?

I think you grossly misinterpret my goal.  My goal is to get the
people with gripes hooked into the correct location to talk to the
correct group of people so those complaints have a chance to be turned
into constructive action. Idle complaints about gnome usability
changes in the fedora lists serve no constructive purpose.  People who
want to see better usability testing, and can volunteer their personal
resources into that effort, need to get in touch with the gnome
usability group and affect change upstream.    You aren't going to
impact gnome's usability practices by jabbering about it here.  All
you are going to accomplish is to fan the flames of frustration.
Discussion that has no hope of leading to action is unconstructive.

> Folks, most of the issues that people bring up are *valid* customer
> complaints. 

If you continue to labor under the constraining definitions of a
traditional model where a "customer" "buys" a "product", you will
continue to be frustrated by the "contributor" process by which
everyone working on this "project" needs to be familiar with.  Gnome
has a usibility group, everyone interested in sound and more frequent
usability testing for gnome applications should interface with that
group specifically. Extended debate, in this list, about the technical
merits of one methodology versus another, serves no constructive
purpose.  Even if concensous on what needs to be done is reached on
this list (highly unlikely) the conclusions drawn count for very
little.. becuase the people with whom the discussion needs to happen
are the gnome usability team, a group of people who meet and discuss
as a group in a different location.

My personal feelings on the matter are that people who refuse to move
discussion to the most effective upstream forum, are delibrately
attempting to cause problems or are only interested in browbeating
other people with their opinions in an effort to score debating
experience points.  Once an issue or complaint is brought it... the
quicker it can be moved to the appropriate upstream  forum or group
the less frustrating it is for everyone.

-jef"If i wanted to shut people up, id choke off this thread by
writing 20 page responses to this list so people who just start
ignoring the thread completely"spaleta

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