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Zod livecd beta


General Zod said he wanted to be part of the LiveCD experience ... so I
had no other choice than building one for him! More seriously, during
the Fedora Summit it was decided that it was time to get more serious
with having Live CD's as part of the Fedora release processes. Part of
this includes building a Live CD with software from Core 6 and Extras 6.
I've created a Wiki page for tracking this work (feel free to


Specifically, I've built a beta livecd for Fedora 6. It's available as a
torrent here


Please file bugs against components as usual but make them track the
Fedora 6 livecd tracking bug


The plan is to create another spin of FC6+updates + FE6 in a week or so
or when the most serious bugs are resolved. Right now I can only think
of two serious bugs


and the fact that shutdown don't work well. That should probably get
filed too. Enjoy!


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