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Re: edit root alias when installing the OS

On Sunday 01 January 2006 14:23, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> On 1/1/06, Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org> wrote:
> > Wouldn't make sense to edit /etc/aliases while installing the OS and ask
> > the operator to provide a real email as an alias?
> > It is a very common error to forget the root alias. As a result, the
> > email sent by housekeeping software (such as logwatch) is ignored, often
> > with unpleasant results.
> >
> > https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2006-January/thread.html#0004
> >5
> >
> > This may or may not require to edit the relayhost variable in the MTA
> > (ask the operator to provide a default mail relay), I'm not sure
> > (depending on how "correct" or thorough the installer should be).
> >
> > Anyway, food for thought and discussion.
> >
> > I think that is a very good idea. I must admit forgetting this myself.
> Culd this be put in to Anaconda, or at the least could the First Run app
> use the emnail given for the defailt (uid=500) user?

Would probably have to be in firstrun, since there's no user accounts created 
within Anaconda anymore. A simple check box for "deliver system mail to this 
user" in firstboot that triggers the change ought to do the trick. That's 
pretty much what SUSE has been doing for a while now.

At firstboot, there shouldn't be any question what MTA is running, unless 
you've installed via kickstart and explicitly dumped sendmail in favor of 
another MTA. Now that could get slightly more tricky. I know postfix is set 
up to use the same aliases file, but they have to be postmapped, and I don't 
know about exim (or even recall if that's an install-time option anymore). 
Certainly still doable though.

Jarod Wilson
jarod wilsonet com

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