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[PATCH] LibSELinux Python dependency whinge


Seeing as I am taking up your time, I may as well provide my patch. Licensed as the rest of libselinux (public domain).

The following provides two new make targets for libselinux.so: "make all-nopython" and "make install-nopython"

The top level Makefile needs the following additions:

	$(MAKE) -C src all-nopython
	$(MAKE) -C utils

	$(MAKE) -C include install
	$(MAKE) -C src install-nopython
	$(MAKE) -C utils install
	$(MAKE) -C man install

The Makefile in the src directory needs the following changes (note that this splits up the old "install" target).

	test -d $(LIBDIR) || install -m 755 -d $(LIBDIR)
	install -m 644 $(LIBA) $(LIBDIR)
	test -d $(SHLIBDIR) || install -m 755 -d $(SHLIBDIR)
	install -m 755 $(LIBSO) $(SHLIBDIR)
	cd $(LIBDIR) && ln -sf ../../`basename $(SHLIBDIR)`/$(LIBSO) $(TARGET)

all-nopython: $(LIBA) $(LIBSO)

install-nopython: install-libselinux

install: all install-pywrap install-libselinux

Seems to work for me.  Keep up the good work!


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