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Re: Thunderbird editor

Michael Favia wrote:

D Canfield wrote:

I'm having a lot of trouble with the thunderbird 1.5 editor. Cursor movement bounces around somewhat unexpectedly and it's crashed on me several times when doing cuts and pastes (even a simple backspace did it once). I've never had a mozilla product be this unstable. Am I the only one experiencing this? If not, do we know it it's a problem with the 1.5 branch, or something that's been introduced in the FC5 environment?


One example: Place the cursor in the middle of a line inside a paragraph of text. Press the up or down arrow and the cursor moves to beginning or end of the next line, not to the same position in the line as is expected. I don't remember all the problems off the top of my head, but that's the sort of thing I'm seeing when things work. The crashes I can't repeat on demand. Though I've noticed that it's usually when I'm replying to people and often will happen twice when working on the same reply. So maybe it's something with the quoting functionality.

I'd strongly advocate rolling back to 1.0.x if nothing can be done to stabilize this.

i doubt you'll get many me too's.

If I'm the only one seeing problems, then my point is moot. Otherwise, I hope you're wrong about the general sentiment being that a package should be kept even if it's unstable (which is why I said "if nothing can be done"... I didn't mean it should be rolled back tomorrow or anything).


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