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Re: rawhide report: 20060110 changes [extras packages moved to core]

Le mercredi 11 janvier 2006 à 23:31 +0530, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
>  We don't even know what 
> packages are being used in Fedora or how many users there are in total. 
> Assumptions about anything like that is merely that, at this point.

Which is why removing gthumb just because a different app got included
is the wrong thing to do. Especially when the package proposed for
1. is clean and low-volume
2. does not pull in stupid deps like openmotif, xpdf, or a complete new
language stack
3. does not mess with the FHS
4. is properly localised
5. is the one core users know and use
6. provide features the new one does not

If anything f-spot should have proven itself into FE before being
considered for core. I'm not asking for its removal now it's in. 
However since f-spot didn't follow the normal review process, it will
have to be beaten into shape in core, and before this is done and we
know all the pros and cons between f-spot and other core apps arguing
for removal of these other apps is way premature (and not very gracious)

Nicolas Mailhot

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