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Re: suspend/hibernate on desktops

Jesse Keating wrote:

The kernel from Friday's and Saturday's rawhide caused my previously
hibernate to stop working.  Tries to go in then comes back out.  Usually
means that a kernel process can't be stuffed into swap.  A bug would
help if there isn't already one.

OK, I've been on davej's kernel repo during the "stagnation" for FC5T2 release, so knew I should expect the unexpected there!

I particularly found that syslogd refused to be stopped (and once a raid rebuild process did too, probably understandable I'd rather an array finsih rebuilding than go to sleep half rebuilt) so I had more success by stopping syslog beforehand (tried a few other suggestions I saw knocking around (i.e. rmmod button) and unplugging some USB devices.

Now I'm back to rawhide rather than davej kernel I'll append/create a bug.

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