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Re: Reporting bugs upstream

Bart Vanbrabant wrote:

When I find a bug in fedora and it's obviously a bug upstream I report
it there. But do we have to report them in fedora bugzilla too and
reference the upstream bugreport? So if an other users files a bugreport
for the same bug and doesn't check upstream maintainer of the module
know it's already filed upstream. Or do we have to notify the maintainer
in other way?
I've searched the fedora wiki for this but I can't find any information
about this.



I think that Fedora users need a single point-of-contact for bug reporting.

Its tough enough to report bugs in the first place and the user can't be expected to know all the internals of every package to know if its a Fedora packaging bug
or an upstream bug.

Its incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to report a bug to Fedora, only to
have the Fedora maintainer close the bug with the response that the user
(what a dummy!) should have reported it upstream! Yes, this has happened to me.

I propose that it be a policy that Fedora maintainers are themselves responsible
for forwarding the bug upsteam if necessary.   At the same time the status
of the Fedora bug can be left open with tracking information to the upstream bug.


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