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Re: Reporting bugs upstream

Dave Jones wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 01:14:44PM -0500, John Ellson wrote:
>  > Its incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to report a bug to Fedora, 
>  > only to
>  > have the Fedora maintainer close the bug with the response that the user
>  > (what a dummy!) should have reported it upstream!    Yes, this has 
>  > happened to me.
>  > 
>  > I propose that it be a policy that Fedora maintainers are themselves 
>  > responsible
>  > for forwarding the bug upsteam if necessary.   At the same time the status
>  > of the Fedora bug can be left open with tracking information to the 
>  > upstream bug.
> In a lot of cases, users working directly with upstream instead of having
> someone playing middle-man is going to get things turned around a lot
> faster.  Especially in cases where the bug relates to a specific piece
> of hardware, for eg.
> What would be *really* awesome would be the possibility of having
> a facility in bugzilla to escalate a bug to upstream, so a couple of
> clicks, and the bug is entered in the appropriate bugzilla, with
> all comments being reflected back into the one the user entered the
> bug into.  I believe there is some work going on in this area, but
> it's slow moving.
> 		Dave
The bug that made me thinking about it was a bug in libwnck that I
noticed after the update yesterday. I checked the redhat bugzilla en the
gnome bugzilla, there weren't any reports about it. I checked the spec
file and there were no extra patches.
So this was abviously an upstream bug. I filed it upstream and about 2
hours later the maintainer had a patch and comitted it to cvs. Because
monday new tarballs were released it will take some time before they
will be in fedora I guess. So that's why I asked it here. Because it
could help saving the fedora maintainer some time.


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