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Re: rawhide stability

On 18/01/2006 9:56 a.m., Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Daniel, thanks for the explanation. I was not trying to lay the blame the selinux team (or anyone else). Like you wrote, the responsibility for the current situation is collective. I was only pointing out that with all the Fedora component roadmap interactions the current devel is pretty instable. Which is a bit frightening given we already have two test releases behind us and the next one is scheduled soonish.

Thats a understandable concern. One way to mitigate this problem is getting all those bug reports filed and if the responses are not forthcoming post a list of the bug reports to the list to get them more attention if they are considered as major blockers.

I think this bug is worthy of some discussion:




(which are arguably duplicates anyway)

It relates to dbus being started late on in the bootup cycle, which causes problems because bluetooth needs dbus yet bluetooth is started very early on in the boot.

Without it being fixed we are going into FC5 with a situation where bluetooth mice and keyboards will not work out of the box... :(


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