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Default wallpapers to breeze Developers & Enthusiastic Fedora users


Before composing this email, I simply wanted to suggest a wallpaper
signed by Illiad to be added as one of the Default Wallpapers shipped
into Fedora (I am not saying the Default pre-set)

Beyond this thought I feel it would be a very nice idea that Fedora
marketing team can identify few of the Guru developers, Book authors,
OSS/GPL mentors/biz guys  and find if they are impressed with Fedora
and will like to sign off a wallpaper for Fedora Project and
preferably related/based to one their work.

If the idea in the above paragraph seems any good, maybe it will also
be a good point to take a full testimonial account, than just the
comment and a signed wallpaper :) for the FP wiki.


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