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SELINUX file contexts FUBARed in fresh install?

Spent a few hours wiping and reinstalling my test box this weekend to check for improvement/eradication of old bugs ...

I left my local mirror at 2006-01-20 rather than bring it right up to date first (to avoid the udev/hotplug dependency issues)

Is it just me or is SELINUX setting leaving a freshly installed system with knackered security contexts?

/etc/resolv.conf unwritable by dhclient (this already in BZ#178465 and a restorecon fixes it)

but I find that firefox won't start and restorecon won't help it either, so I logged BZ#178608, similar for thunderbird and dosbox

Booting with selinux=0 lets all the above run OK, is this a known rough version? or does all this warrant a new BZ for selinux?

Shame rawhide doesn't seem to be in a good state for testing this weekend, but I know everybody needs sleep sometime :-)

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