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Re: FORTIFY_SOURCE for the kernel

sean wrote:

were more appropriate for older systems.   Using -0s ends up generating
code which has the best chance of reducing cache misses and thus ends up
being faster as well as smaller.

There was 05/2005 a big article about code optimization with gcc 3.x and 4.0.0 in the German pc magazine c't www.heise.de/ct where all expensive and different tests they made with -Os are much slower, than with -O2 or higher on a "normal" desktop system compiled. I don't know, where the hype with -Os is coming from with caching, but I can not see on my fast centrino notebook or an amd64 system any better performance with this and wonder me... ;). And I compile many software for myself from rawhide. A special baby is firefox, where -Os slows rendering down and I compile it with more better rpm opt flags.

Maybe on older and slow systems it can be better...but we have 2006.


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