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Re: cursors themes

Garry Harthill wrote:
On 26/01/06, Laurent Jacquot <jk lutty net> wrote:
Le jeudi 26 janvier 2006 à 11:32 +0000, Garry Harthill a écrit :
On 25/01/06, Laurent Jacquot <jk lutty net> wrote:
Hello list,
since the modular xorg transition, I cannot have my cursor theme to
I know there was a bug regarding the xcursorgen, it has been corrected
(my cursors file are correct).

But now I cannot get _some_ cursors to display, just the plain ugly 70's
default one. The only busy cursor I ever get are before the gdm display,
after it disapear. The xterm cursor is functionnal, as drag&drop, the
url cursor is ok too. But everything else is just reverted to the
default one.
I tried Bluecurve theme and several others..

Some config data:
-rawhide fully updated daily (except the kernel)
-kernel 2.6.14-1.1808_FC5
-nvidia module 8178
composite or not, twinview or not, glx or not, nothing gives me my
cursors back.

I am about to fill a bug, but how can i debug it, and against which

I have got exactly the same problem. It seems if i change the to
bluecurve cursor theme using System -> Prefs -> Mouse it seems to
change the settings in the current active window. All others are the
same old cursors.

If i change the cursor theme with all active windows closed the theme
doesn't change the cursors at all.

You're right, same symptoms here: the cursor will be available only on
the then opened windows.
Worth reporting in bugzilla?

I will add it to bugzilla. Anyone else have the same problem?

Yes, I have the same problem.  Let me know if you need any specific
info from me, I'd be happy to do what I can.


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