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Re: groupware for Fedora

Erwin Rol wrote:
> But anyway, to get back to the real question, are there any groupware
> projects going on for Fedora ? :-)

I'm very interested in this subject too. I've been evaluating different
opensource groupware solutions every now and then for about 3 years, and
I'd really like to see a winner emerge. My requirements were a bit heavier
than what we need in Fedora (notably the infamous MS Oulook connector), but
anyway, it seems like there is still many candidates, most of which are
developed by companies and have a proprietary version.

- OpenXchange is very promising, based on Java/Tomcat. Many companies in my
country are proposing it. We already talked a lot about this one, so I'll
go on.

- eGroupware is interesting, it's PHP-based, but many people find the
interface confusing. It's not developed by a single company.

- OpenGroupware is the one I have not tested for the longest time, so it may
have evolved a lot. It's written in Objective-C, and used to be rather hard
to install.

- Kolab I never tested, because it runs all its services in a chroot, and I
want to have other services besides the groupware on the box. But it is
said to be very good.

- I didn't know about SimpleGroupware, I'll test it as soon as I have the
time. It's PHP-based.

- Horde is also very intersting. It's PHP-based, very widely used, very
stable and has lots of features. It does not depend on a single company,
but there aren't many contributors, so it does not move as fast at the

- Zimbra is the last one I've tested. It's very very promising. It's based
on Java/Tomcat, has a very sweet AJAX web-interface, but it installs its
own version of apache, postfix, openldap, etc... making it practically
non-packageable :(

If you have more experience on those, or if you have a very good candidate,
please tell.

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One of the universal rules of happiness is: "Always be wary of any helpful
item that weighs less than its operating manual".

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