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Re: strip in rpmbuild

Dnia niedziela, 25 czerwca 2006 19:22, Ralf Corsepius napisaƂ:
> I.e. I do not share your view. The real motivation for devs to chose
> mingw is them wanting to avoid their customers getting in touch with
> Linux.

For me the real motivaton to _use_ mingw is that I _have_ to create some apps 
that must run on win$, but I don't want to develop them under that OS.
So, to be able to write and compile app on linux, and just send it in the 
e-mail to my boss, is very comfortable solution.
I'm not happy of the fact, that some machines at my office run win$, but I 
can't change it.

Jaroslaw Gorny
jaroslav aster pl

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