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Re: Samba Documentation for FC6

To share folders via samba, just use system-config-samba. This works really good and its very simple. To use samba shared folders from others machines, just use menu Places -> Connect to server and choose Windows shared in Server Type. This works very good to.


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Samba is a big problem for me.  I have spent way too much time trying
to get Samba to work on Fedora so that I can communicate and transfer
files to and fro the XP/Vista machines on my home network.  The GUIs
for Samba just don't do it for me.  Would it be possible to fill a
page at fedoraproject.org on how to use Samba strictly from the Gnome
Terminal Window.  If you go to Google you come across too much
outdated information on Samba.

I would like to be able to do the following from the Gnome Terminal

1) Configure a simple Samba server that would optimally communicate
with Windows machines
2) Start the Samba Server up
3) Check for it's health
4) Scan for other Samba servers coming from Windows machines on my home network
5) Send a file to one of these Windows machines or receive a file.

In the past few days and over the years I have seen Nautilus crashes,
empty Nautilus windows, Firewall problems, Password problems,
Undiscoverable Windows machines, and on and on.  Currently, I can't
even find Samba in Gnome 2.16's menu system.

I would really appreciate a How To on using Samba strictly from the
Gnome Terminal.  By now I would have thought I'd have mastered Samba
but I am far from it.  It's too much of a wild beast.


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