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Re: xsession error

On 28-Oct-2006 19:25.15 (BST), Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
 > > Prelinking doesn't help on my x86_64 system.  I can su to a user, but I can't su 
 > > to root.
 > The new glibc also kills postfix and probably other stuff too (x86_64

Yeah, there's a load of things broken:

dbus-launch[3034]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 0000003c6ac75400 rsp 00007fff2db04f18 error 4
pam_timestamp_c[3103]: segfault at 00002aaaaaac8828 rip 00002aaaaaabed2c rsp 00007fff5f9a4208 error 4
gnome-pty-helpe[3228]: segfault at 00002aaaaaad7448 rip 0000003c6a813d2c rsp 00007fffba094908 error 4
sudo[3260]: segfault at 00002aaaaaabbdf8 rip 0000003c6a813d2c rsp 00007fffa6b99c88 error 4
imap[7542]: segfault at 00002aaaaaabb298 rip 00000032aaa13d2c rsp 00007fff3bce75a8 error 4
exim[7546]: segfault at 00002aaaaee5f158 rip 00002aaaaaabed2c rsp 00007ffff1289e58 error 4

That's just the few that I have in the buffer.

rob andrews                       :: pgp 0x01e00563 :: rob choralone org

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