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Re: Mirror/server RFE: Do not remove old kernel from updates.

Dnia 09-04-2007, pon o godzinie 12:56 -0400, Tony Nelson napisał(a):
> Although it would be best for Fedora users if all
> updated packages were retained and available for downgrading, certainly the
> kernel deserves special consideration, as changes to the kernel can prevent
> the entire system from working.
That's what "installonlyn" plugin is for. That's why the default
behavior (without the plugin or when using apt instead of yum) is even
better and can be summarized as "keep as many kernels as the disk can

Seriously, the whole thread started when Gilboa did that:
> Due to lack of sleep I removed the old 2.6.18 kernel I had on my
> development machine (rpm -e $(rpm -qa | grep 2.6.18) should not be
> done @5am... ;))
So you see, there's nothing in Fedora's handling of kernel upgrades that
can break your system... apart from the user.

I for myself keep my system from upgrading ~20 packages (including the
kernel, not because of regressions, but my own patches which I'm too
lazy to maintain as part of my own RPM) and Fedora policy of not keeping
every older version of every package doesn't bother me.


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