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Re: hal + pam update errors

On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 10:38 -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 22:52 -0500, Michael E Brown wrote:
> > For the previously discussed HAL problem, would it be possible to create
> > an updated HAL.i386 RPM that would _only_ be placed inside the x86_64
> > repo? This new hal rpm could simply contain one file:
> > /etc/yum/pluginconf.g/shoot-on-sight.d/hal.data containing one line:
> > "hal-*-*.i386" and it could have one dependency: "requires:
> > shoot-on-sight-plugin".
> > 
> > That way it doesnt conflict with any files, and gets removed on the next
> > yum run.
> then we'd be doing this at the package level, which we're trying to
> avoid. And this plugin is useful beyond this situation.
> I think the plan would look something like:
> - drop this plugin into the yum pkg, enabled by default, for fc6
> - drop this plugin intpo the yum pkg, enabled by default, for rawhide/f7
> - mark that hal.i386 should be removed from x86_64 boxes if found (ditto
> hal.ppc64 on ppc64 boxes)
> - mark out any others we want to nuke as it goes.
> that's it.
> and speaking of that - I realized the file format needs to be slightly
> more complex in order for it to be the same file used across archs.
> It should probably look like:
> pkgname/glob: arch-it-is-on
> or:
> <removespec pkgmatch="some-pkg-v-r.arch" on_arch="i386">
> that way we can make sure that on i386 boxes we don't remove hal.i386.
> b/c there it is actually desired. :)

okay here is a first draft of the plugin:


and the file it would read from each repo:

it needs some more tests for the crap it needs to avoid to remove.
Suggestions on what things to test for are welcome. 

but it should let us do the right thing in the situations where we need
to get a package cleared off for an update to work correctly or for some
reason we can't obsolete things.


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