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pam_console help needed: HPLIP permissions


I think I need some help understanding how to make HPLIP devices get the
right permissions now that pam_console will be going away.

The device nodes are (e.g.) /dev/bus/usb/001/001, and they are used for
two things:

1. Printing.  The 'hp' CUPS backend provided by HPLIP needs read/write
access.  It runs as user 'lp', group 'lp'.

2. Scanning.  Console users need read/write access to the device node so
that the 'hpaio' SANE backend provided by HPLIP can use them.

Currently I have a udev rule, provided by the hplip package, to set the
group ownership to 'lp' and give group read/write permissions.  Then, I
have made pam_console give 'the console user' ownership and read/write
permissions, keeping group read/write permissions.

The way I think I want it to work is for ConsoleKit to add console users
to the ACL for the device node.  But how do I do that, and how does that
interact with udev?


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