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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

Lyvim Xaphir wrote :

> I've about had it up to here with this New Slavery crap, this
> pseudo-socialist movement in the Linux world being pushed by self styled
> self aggrandizing arrogant ivory tower elitists intent on a fascist
> enforcement of the licensing policies of THEIR choice dictated from
> inside a closed circle-jerk where everybody pats themselves on the back
> and laughs about how stupid the "outsiders" are.  The Greg KH's and
> Andrew Mortons of the world that are hell bent on telling programmers
> how to license their own code at the point of a gun.  It's repugnant,
> just about as repugnant as this self-important arrogant post of yours.

Yeah, I mean, who are we to enforce our copyrights and licensing
choices!? Even go as far as FORCE freedom upon our users, huh? :P

> And it's the toy-hat dictators and the toy-hat fascists that are pushing
> him out the door.  Socialism was the mother of both fascism and
> communism, and it's the same thing that's destroying Fedora, thanks in
> part to you.  Welcome to the New Slavery.  It's the same as the Old
> Slavery.

You've lost me here, as none of the above makes any sense to me. But it
does seem that you haven't really understood the basic goals of the
Fedora Project.


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