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Re: Goodbye, Fedora (Limiting -devel to maintainers/contributers/etc - A bad idea)

You can't quantify "contributions" in any easy way. And it's going to
get pretty ugly if you start telling generally useful people they can't
be on the list simply because you don't want to reduce the OT posting.

We all understand the fedora-devel list is for developers, and
technically you can restrict write access to people with a certain level
of access. But at what cost? I test rawhide on various hardware, so I'm
not technically a fedora  developer, but I'd like to think that my
meager testing and occasional bug reports do more good than harm to

Restriction still will not solve your problem of somebody spamming a
personal gripe into the list, even developers aren't immune to that from
time to time so your cost benefit ratio isn't great, probably negative.

What we have here is one person spamming the list with a personal gripe.
No amount of policing the list can ever stop this from happening. The
problem here was only caused by those of us (myself most definitely
included) who responded to an off topic posting.

Besides, an open devel process, even with a few warts, is better than a
closed elitist one.

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