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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

Verily I say unto thee, that Arthur Pemberton spake thusly:
> On 2/22/07, Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:
>> Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
>> >> Fedora, you had every advantage
>> >
>> > Except a financial one, apparently.
>> >
>> I'm somewhat confused by your statement - what lack of financial
>> do you see in Fedora? Red Hat is one of the primary financial sponsors
>> of the Fedora Project; even so far as to have many of its [Fedora's]
>> primary developers on its [Red Hat's] payroll.
>> Please clarify this for me. Thanks.
> I could be just in a bad mood, or simply wrong....but I believe he
> meant financial advantage for the OP / complainer.


Oh and I'm probably wrong too, and in a bad mood.

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