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Re: Fedora 7

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 13:50 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
> > on this in secret chambers. It is not so. Please stop the FUD about the 
> > RH desktop team being secretive, especially when you, as a RH employee, 
> > should know better as you have access to read our internal list. Also, 
> The attitude of the desktop team has always been one of an exclusive 
> club, making little attempts to engage the Fedora community.  While the 
> work was done in the open (upstream at GNOME), decisions and discussions 
> happened only internally.

Oh my. It's come to posting conspiracy theories? Warren, this is out of
line. You, and a few other people, are so extremely obsessed with
creating / building a community around Fedora that you fail to take into

 a) what the world looks like (we do / want to do the work 
    upstream); and 

 b) what is actually out there in the community (not a whole lot
    of useful input today desktop-wise). 

It's fine to get more community involvement. It does DO NOT happen
overnight and sacrificing quality is not an option. It happens
gradually. Please wake up.

> This has been a problem of attitude.  Your recent attempt to subvert the 
> community driven Fedora 7 art creation process with heavy-handed "This 
> is my job" authority is just yet another example of this.

It is my job to maintain the artwork packages and, yes, I'm deeply
troubled by the attitude on that list. That list is a place where the
guy with the biggest stereo wins (e.g. democracy, not what we do).
That's not a way to get the best result so of course I'm concerned. It's
my god damn job to be concerned about that.

If you want to discuss further take your fucking conspiracy theories off
list and mail me directly.


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