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Re: ensure upgrade paths through fedora to RHEL?

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 12:05:36PM -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Well, RHEL is usually forked during the development of a Fedora release, or 
> just after the Fedora release, but it doesn't come out until much later, and 
> many of the FC packages will get updated/upgraded well before the RHEL 
> release comes out.  So many things _in_ current FC6 will be NEWER than what 
> is in RHEL5, even though RHEL5 is cut from FC6.

Ok. In fact my proposal makes only sense if it is possible to update from
a fedora release to the RHEL forked from that fedora release, which
isn't possible if the fork happens at the beginning of the release and
wouldn't be practical anyway because we should make sure that EVR remain 
lower than EVR in RHEL. An alternative proposal could be the following,
in which the release from which RHEL is forked cannot have an 'easy'
update to RHEL nor to the following fedora version, while other can. 

In that case, supposing that RHEL fork corresponds with FC3 and FC6
the story could be the following:

Major changes should happen between FC3 and FC4. FC3 cannot be updated
to RHEL4. For FC4, one should try to have FC4 -> FC5 update possible
with yum without reboot, and then coordination with RHEL is needed to
have FC5 -> RHEL5 update possible with yum without reboot. FC6 serves as
base for RHEL5 and cannot be updated to RHEL5, and big changes with a
need to reboot and change conf happen between FC6 and FC7, and so on.
In this case, FC3 and FC6 are 'sacrified' because they cannot be
updated to RHEL since they were used for the fork, and cannot be updated 
(without reboot or conf file changes) to the next fedora release because it 
is after them that the major changes must happen.

Hope it is understandable...

Anyway with one over 3 version 'sacrified', this is much less


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