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Re: Want to help QA the Test1 release?

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Friday 26 January 2007 09:15, Mike Chambers wrote:
I had been having problems trying to do a rawhide install via NFS,
although it was against the rawhide tree, not against an ISO (yes was
using boot.iso).  Is this allowed still or do you have to do it against
an ISO image unless it's via ftp/http?  Actually I had problems doing it
against ftp/http as well (as in, "can't be mounted from the server").
Although I could download all the FC6 ISO's to the same mounted dir
(diff sub dir) and install from them.  So I am confused on what used to
work, doesn't now?

I'm not ruling out NFS issues in the kernel preventing NFS installs, I don't recall having tried that much recently, but I will try today. We haven't changed what we "support" in that aspect, it would be something lower level breaking.

I have had some problems with NFS lately.
Have not had the time to debug it properly, so I have no bugzilla entry.
Seems like a locking problem, so I changed my fstab to mount the NFS-shares "nolock", and that seemed to fix the problem.

This is 2 rawhide clients (both x86_64 and i386) mounting an Fedora 5 server. It started about one week ago, but I don't update and reboot the rawhide-clients daily, so it might have been a few more days since the updated that actually caused it.


Ola Thoresen

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