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Re: ANNOUNCE: bittorrent downgrade

On Thursday 01 March 2007 04:35:59 David Zeuthen wrote:
> Can we please stop doing such things just because some people don't like
> the Epoch being bumped? No-one have ever given good technical reasons
> for this, only

I'd really rather not introduce epochs before the final freeze point.  I'm 
perfectly happy with a policy that says no broken upgrade paths from the 
final freeze on (be that Test3 or Test4), but before that one should be free 
to back down a broken version.  We don't seriously want people starting at 
fc6 going to f7test1, then yum upgrading to some point before test3 and 
complaining about some bug or such.  The first thing we usually do is ask 
them to reproduce on a clean install from the latest test release or a clean 
anaconda upgrade from FX to the latest test release.  The various state of 
packages along the way often contribute to a system being in an 
unreproducible state which doesn't help anybody when trying to fix bugs.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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