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Installation order of basesystem, filesystem and setup.

Hi folks.

During the review of basesystem we came upon a rather interesting fact which some might already have seen and wondered about.

The packages basesystem, filesystem and setup have a rather odd and not necessarily intuitive dependency order:

basesystem Requires: filesystem setup
filesystem Requires: setup
setup Requires: (nothing)

So the final install order after properly ordering those is:


which imo is exactly the opposite of what i'd expect. Take the description of basesystem e.g. where it explicitly says:

"Basesystem should be the first package installed on a system, and it
should never be removed."

And for filesystem:

"Filesystem contains the basic directory layout for a Linux operating system, including the correct permissions for the directories."

So imo the order should be:


Currently the way to get basesystem always pulled in (and thereby filesystem and setup) is by having a:

glibc Requires: basesystem

Now the question is, do we just keep it this way and ignore the fact that those 3 packages are installed in the wrong order (without actually affecting anything as they are installed even before glibc) or do we want to fix it?

The simple fix would be to turn around the requirement order and let glibc require setup instead:

glibc Requires: setup
setup Requires: filesystem
filesystem Requires: basesystem

Any thoughts?

Read ya, Phil

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