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Re: VNC development plan - discuss

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
Since we're on the subject of VNC servers, its a good time to bring up the
question of virtualization. With Xen in the mix there are actually 2 further
VNC server implementations in Fedora...

   - Xen para-virtualized guest console server
   - QEMU / KVM / Xen fully-virtualized guest console server

The caveat is that AFAIK, Fedora doesn't have any VNC viewer program that
supports encryption aside from SSH tunnelling - not a huge problem since virt-manager has an embedded GTK VNC widget which can do the job, but it
would be nice to have a standalone viewer for virtual machine consoles.

So if we're thinking of long term Fedora VNC development plans, we should make sure encryption / authentication is on the list for both client & server.


Here is an actual command line I use regularly to properly bring up a remote VNC viewer securely through VNC:

ssh -p 6603 -f -L 7763:localhost:6063 adm3 192 168 3 203 ' vncserver -kill :164 ; vncserver :164 -localhost -name v40 ; sleep 5 ' ; sleep 5 ; vncviewer localhost::7763

An average joe six pack user will probably never be able to grasp, let alone remember and type such a command, just to bring up a remote viewer.

I'm sure simplification/integration of some sort would be welcome by many users.


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