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Re: Fedora 6 and Disk Druid Overall Disk Space

Thanks for the info.

With custom layout you have to create/adjust the partitions and lvm's 
where as with the default layout disk druid creates the partitions and lvm's 
as it
deems fit which I am normally happy with BUT it ends up taking the entire 
space to achieve this.

However when I want to create the custom layout then I should be able to 
that ONLY 20gb should be allocated and then the partitions and lvms should 
created as disk druid seems fit just like default layout does BUT working 
those 20gb.



"Harry Hoffman" <hhoffman ip-solutions net> wrote in message 
news:Pine LNX 4 64 0703102130190 29020 pony ip-solutions net   
> It certainly does... you just have to use the "Create a custom layout"
> instead of the default which will use the whole disk.
> On Sun, 11 Mar 2007, Shams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here is the scenario, lets say I have a 60gb hard disk.
>> When installing Fedora via gui I noticed that Disk Druid does not give
>> you the option of specifying the overall disk space to allocate
>> to Fedora.
>> In this case I want to allocate 20gb to Fedora and Disk Druid should
>> allow me to do that, then I can carry on with installation as usual.
>> Can this feature be implemented, please.
>> Thanks
>> Shams
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