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Where Do I Debug Issues With An App Packaged By Fedora?

I'm an engineer and a user of Fedora.  I've used Fedora at work for years now.  Recently, I've run
into some problems using Evolution with our corporate exchange server.  Figuring this was my
chance to get involved with the community, I started digging into the Fedora and Gnome projects
trying to figure out how to proceed.  The big question I have is:  Which project should I start

Fedora packages Evolution, but as I understand it, doesn't really add anything to its development
other than bug reports and some fixes.  Would it be more appropriate to start by installing the
development versions of Evolution from Gnome?  Should I start by installing from rawhide?

How do you make a decision about where to start debugging?  Also, I'd love to hear anyone's
strategies with debugging a specific application on Fedora without disrupting the rest of the



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