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Re: No shape and sync extensions in xorg?

Adam Jackson wrote:
It apparently added a Modules section with a Load "glx" command but why would that stop the extmod extension from auto-loading?

Because your modules section looked like:

Section "Modules"
   Load "glx"

If it were empty, or nonexistant, then we'd load the default set, which
includes glx.  But since it has exactly one entry, we load just the
modules you ask for, and nothing else.

Hence "added a Modules section that it didn't need to".  GLX is in the
default module set!  The driver install script needs to not muck with
the Modules section, period.  You know, the same way none of the drivers
in core touch xorg.conf.

The way to determine when to load the default set doesn't look very intuitive to me. I think it would be better to make it behave like this: If a Modules section is present (even an empty one) only load the modules in that section (even if that means loading none). If no Modules section is present load the default set. Since in the presence of an empty Modules section the default set was still loaded I assumed that adding a 'Load "XYZ "'would merely add that module to the list of modules to load and not actually disable the defaults. That's why I was wondering what was going on.


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