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Re: hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> What about the subpackage solution I suggested?

I think it may be possible to split it to a certain extent, but it is
more complicated that most think.

For example...  When you print to the scanner, the hpiod(?) program
catches it and stores it until you start the hp-sendfax program.  This
program then retrieves the fax and take information like phone number
and such so that it can be sent.  If hp-sendfax is not installed faxing
is not functional.

It also appears that the underlying functionality of the python code is
tied intimately to the gui because the program uses PyQT  IPC.  You can
find the description of that here:
(Call it a design mistake or whatever)

So I *think* it might be possible to split the hpio* daemons to a base
package (just providing basic printing) and the have all gui and MIO
functions (ie. status, fax, clean, copy, etc) in a subpackage.

Tim Waugh or maybe David Zeuthen would probably be able to better
comment on that.

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