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Re: hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

On Wednesday 28 March 2007 16:20:24 Hans de Goede wrote:
> /me too,
> Can we please stop the HP bashing, they are doing a great job in providing
> support for their hardware, if their tools need better integration into the
> rest of Linux, then work with them, instead of bashing them / their
> software.

I'd wager their tools need to be better period.

I just unpacked a new HP photosmart C3180 multipurpose thingy.  I wanted to 
print out my flight eticket.  After all this discussion I figured I'd give it 
a try.  After powering on and attaching the printer via usb, I ask yum to 
install hplip.  After downloading a 10+ megs of software, I had hplip on my 
system.  I tried to <alt>-f2 and typed in hp-toolbox as that would be what 
the menu called.  Nothing.  Tried again, nothing.  The hell?  Try it from a 
console, HO!  A daemon isn't running and so the software just yells about not 
being able to connect to "HPLIP I/O (hpiod)" whatever the hell that is. 
Helpful.  Being a bit cluefull about these things, I guess it wants the hplip 
service to be running.  So start the daemon, try again, and I get a big 
screen about no installed HP devices found.  Ok, there is a setup device 
button, click it, nothing detected.  Find Manually asks me for a cryptic USB 
ID which it gives me no clue as how to find it.  Helpful.

So I give up on this, close it, stop the service.

I instead try System -> Administration -> Printing

New printer

Fill in details about name, description, location

Hit next and look at that, it automatically detected I had a USB printer 
plugged in and even had the right name.  Forward again, pick the closest HP 
driver from the list (HP Photosmart C3100) finalize and boom I can print a 
test job, and furthermore print my etickets.

Yeah, this is great software allright.  *sigh*

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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