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Re: better install experience

On 2007-10-10, 21:51 GMT, Christopher Brown wrote:
> > There are two ntfs implementations. One is old, crufted, and 
> > poorly maintained.
> Sorry but that is bullshit. Old and crufted aren't very good 
> technical arguments and poorly maintained is simply untrue.

Just wanted to write something similar. One could easily write 
„one is well-tested known, accepted upstream, running in kernel 
space, and apparently built by somebody who cares a lot about 
safety of users data, the other is <opposite>.“ Moreover, 
although I understand absolutely nothing, just by chance I got 
close to the discussion on 
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=243594 and my feeling 
from reading that conclusion is that there is a lot of 
self-report about quality of ntfs-3g by Szaba, but a lot of 
doubts on side of person whom I trust to be very careful and 

Just my 0.02 CZK


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