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Re: F9: system wide proxy settings at install

Ian Thurlbeck wrote:

For FC9, how about setting a proxy early in the installer and using this
for all web-using applications ?

As someone else who sits behind a compulsory proxy I'd second any request to improve proxy support in Fedora and would be happy to help out to make this happen.

However, the problem could end up being quite complex. Lots of programs (eg firefox) have their own proxy settings and sorting all of these out won't be trivial.

The other problem is that a proxy isn't forever! If I take my laptop and stick it on a wireless network I don't want it trying to contact my work's proxy server.

A previous suggestion (ages ago and not by me) was to set up a local proxy on the machine and make all applications use that. You'd then use Network Manager to manipulate the local proxy to pass through the appropriate proxy for whichever connection you were currently using. Isn't this similar to what is currently done for DNS services through Network Manager? It does smell a bit like a kludge though...


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