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Re: disable cpuspeed while X session active and screensaver not running

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 11.10.2007 19:53, Denis Leroy wrote:
On that subject, does anyone knows how to tell the Frequency Monitor applet to keep the cpu in lower frequency all the time (i.e. 'killall -USR2 cpuspeed', which is what you want typically when running on batteries) ?

Note, for new processors (like Core*) afaik that's *not* what you want
when running running on batteries: the total energy consumed often is
lower if you go to the highest speed, do what needs to be done way
quicker, and switch back to lowest speed quickly again.

I agree with the theory in the article, but all i can say is that on my old T30 it doesn't seem to apply. The default F8t2 install left me with an enabled cpuspeed that pushes my cpu at max frequency if I merely move a window around. Overall I lose about one third of my battery time in that mode (having done plenty of long train trips lately to actually test that)

My concern was mainly with the gnome cpu frequency applet that I don't find terribly useful: setting the frequency manually is only temporary as cpuspeed will change it again, and the only "mode" i have available is "performance". But no options for "lowest frequency always"...

I wanted to know if other people had the same issue on different laptops before I can and file a bug.


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