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any plans to make wireless more user-friendly in Fedora 9?

using Fedora Core 6 I had lots of wireless issues; mainly some
troublesome wireless drivers. In Fedora 7 and now in Fedora 8 test 3
all wireless chips from various laptops work ok.

I know my way with iwconfig and I'm the admin of large municipal
wireless network in my home town of Osijek. So for me configuring
wireless in fedora is peace of cake, but I must say that for my
girlfriend it would be a real issue if I wasn't around.

I also watched my sister connect to our home wireless adls without any
problems using windows xp but I can't say that she would manage to
connect to the same wireless adsl if she was using fedora.

So my question is how can I (and other that can't code if they life
depended on it) help you make wireless more user-friendly for novice

Thank you in advance,

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