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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

Jon Ciesla wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

Upgrades from F7 to F8 using LiveCD's. Not being able to upgrade to F8
using *just* CDs.
Now we are talking about an actual problem which wasn't clear to me
earlier. So if Fedora Project released regular CD's for this release and
makes live upgrades a supported option from Fedora 9 onwards, do you see
any need for a regular CD variant in the future?

Other then for it's sentimental value, the impressive number of discs
for the Everything spin or laptop-in-the-bush cases, there's no real
need for CD's. The few people that want a customized install with all
kinds of exotic partitioning schemes (or minimal installs) should either
be able to create CDs off the DVD iso or get the CDs from any third
party providing them.

A: I have not DVD drives.

But with supported live upgrades you would have the functionality you _need_, right? Meanwhile CDs are available from me, for example.

B: So we'll be providing links to "official" 3rd parties who provide CDs,

I'm not sure, that isn't up to me. CustomSpins will have a link, so will the FAQ but I doubt the Fedora Project would dare to make it anything official

C: By the time I can create a CD set for F-8 from remote mirrors with
Revisor, F-9 will be at Test3. . .

How's that? Being a Revisor developer I'm interested to know what's up.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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