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Re: Can Netbeans 6.0 beta 2 or higher make it's way in the fedora repo?

Le Mar 30 octobre 2007 07:40, Hans de Goede a écrit :

> I think that having netbeans in Fedora would be great, so I'm wlling
> to help
> were I can (I already maintain 170+ packages). But my java packaging
> experience
> is limited. Are there any jpackage people here who are also willing to
> help?
> Nicolas? Ville?

I can certainly give you some times though I've not been active
java-side for some time (but I don't think things have changed much)

Basically packaging a java app is:
1. download huge "source" archive
2. remove every pre-built jar/war/ear in it
3. comb it for private source copies of external components, and
remove them
4. figure how the file layout should be on disk to respect FHS
5. figure if the result should be split in subpackages
6. try to locate all the deps you've removed in 2. and 3., check
they're all already packaged and if not recurse packaging on them
7. create all the classpathes the app uses at build or run time with
jpackage routines, add needed builddeps manually
8. build
9. merge everything fedora & jpp-side so hopefully someone volunteers
co-maintaining. Merging jpp-side means purging the spec of fedorisms,
though our conventions are not as invasive as those of other distros
10. fix bugs
11. re-do the whole dance for new versions
12. profit (actually I lie there is no profit stage)

If you manage to do netbeans you'll probably be in a good position to
update jpackage doc (in jpackage-utils %doc), copy whatever is
relevant to the Fedora wiki, and comment on the "modules" JSR (which
is supposed to fix most dependency-building problems in java, except
I'm not sure anyone reviewed it yet for rpm integration and when it
ships in java 7 it'll be too late)

Nicolas Mailhot

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