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Re: Feature or bug? (strange?) yum behaviour

Mark wrote:
But wouldn't it be best if yum FIRST checks if the package is already
installed and if it is then ask the user to check for updates?

I know i can use rpm -qi gimp to see if i get information or nothing
indicating it's installed or not but having this in yum before it does
anything would be nice.

I would rather yum did not have that as a feature, at most a possible option perhaps. Why would you want to slow down yum's behavior for the task it is intended (handling repository metadata and installing/updating/removing packages you do not have).. for the majority of the tasks it completes? That option is going to cause slowdowns all the time as you've suggested it, only to be a little bit faster in the rare case you try to install something you already have.

I think it would be better to use the tool intended for finding out what software you have, or use the UI from packagekit which both tells you what you have AND lets you install it if you don't.

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