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Re: Zimbra packages in Fedora

On Sunday 28 October 2007, King InuYasha wrote:
> I had noticed how well that Zimbra has been doing, and I was wondering if
> it would be possible for someone to make packages for Zimbra to be included
> in Fedora?

I spoke with someone from Zimbra at FudCon,  They really dont want to work 
with any community.  There needs to be alot of work done to be able to sanely 
package zimbra.  I think ultimately it will take forking the last version 
released under MPL and moving forward from there.  their current license is 
not acceptable for inclusion in fedora.

I think a better option would be open exchange  it will work with all the 
pieces that are in fedora.  rather than replacing apache, postfix, mysql etc  
they provide installation instructions 

We would need to create scripts to make tarballs from their cvs and package up 
things  but I see 2 pluses,  a big one being that everything is GPL, and the 
second being that they seem to want to work with their community.  not 
dictate to them.


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